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Protects wheel, improves grip.
Reduces level of toxic emissions.
Protects driver from environment.
When engaged, reduces rotational speed of wheels.
Reduces temperature of engine coolant.
Sets amount of air entering engine.
Transmits power from engine to wheels only when engaged.
Transfers power from ignited fuel to engine output.
Enables driver to control direction.
Gives different speed:torque ratio between engine output and wheels.
Safety feature, prevents driver & passengers from being thrown forward in a crash.
Container for fuel.
Mixes fuel into air in desired ratio.
Vents out burnt gases.
Allows driver to see behind the car without turning around.
Prevents wheel from locking to avoid skidding, improves control.
Compresses air to increase engine power output.
Displays instantaneous speed.
Safety feature, prevents driver & passengers from hitting car interior in crash.
Ignites fuel.
Improves driver & passenger comfort and car handling.
Powered by battery, starts the engine running.

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