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Dumbledore's bird
The type of car that Harry and Ron stole in their second year
Harry's second broomstick
Bill Weasley's wife
Hagrid's dog
Hagrid's three-headed dog
Centaur that becomes a Divination teacher
The Riddle's muggle gardener
Woods near Hagrid's hut that are out-of-bounds for students
Book store in Diagon Alley
A joke item that is a lime green disk with fangs
Sherbet balls, that allow you to float a few inches off the ground, when they are eaten
Lucky potion
The ice cream man in Diagon Alley who gave Harry free sundaes
A Weasley son
Professor Snape had everyone make this potion in their first year exams
Password to the Gryffindor common room during the Yule Ball

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