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Reason for doing something
Chilled storage for dead dudes
Maternal parent
Up to date
Small section of time
Facial hair found above the mouth
Hat worn at graduation
Sad feeling
Type of shoe pioneered by the american indians
A state of loss
Chocolate flavoured coffe
Italian cheese made from buffalo milk
Dish containing lamb and aubergine
Country in Africa
Visual display unit
Of a constant pitch
Able to move
Being the only available supplier in a market
In black and white
Slang word for a cat
Like a deer, but bigger with bigger antlers
Cross bred dog of indeterminate breed
Force of movement: mass x velocity
Middle tempo
Of a deathly tone
Character from the Jungle Book
Big teeth at the back
Burrowing creature
A rolling stone gathers none
Small rodent - commonly found in Holly's slippers
Type of shellfish
Small design
Picture made of small pieces of tile
Sound of discontent
The most frequent piece of data
Message of a story
Home of monks
Single spectacle
Slightly damp
Building that marks something specific
Another country in Africa
Conglomeration of clips, to music, typically for training, Rocky had one.
Body of water protecting a castle
Supermarket advertised by Richard Hammond
How you feel
Not egotistical
What's that coming over the hill?

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