Types of Buisness Ownership

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Description of OwnershipType of Ownership
A business that is owned by one person
A voluntary association of two or more persons to act as co-owners of a business for profit
A business co-owned by two or more partners who are liable for everything the business does
A business co-owned by one or more general partners who manage the business and limited partners who invest money in it
A business partnership that is owned and managed like a corporation but often taxed like a partnership
An artificial person created by law with most of the legal rights of a real person, including the rights to start and operate a business, to buy or sell property, to borrow money,
A corporation whose stock is owned by relatively few people and is not sold to the general public
A corporation whose stock can be bought and sold by any individual
A corporation in the state in which it is incorporated
A corporation in any state in which it does buisness except the one in which it is incorporated
A corporation chartered by a foriegn government and conducting business in the United States

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