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What is the fourth word in the acronym S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?
How many Rads do you need in order to die?
How many Bobbleheads are there?
What is the name of the dog that can join your party?
In what location is the Unarmed Bobblehead?
What is the first quest you recieve?
What is the name of the 'friendly' Super Mutant in Vault 87?
In what year does Fallout 3 take place?
What is your father's name?
What items do you need to make a bottlecap mine? Item 1
-Item 2-
-Item 3-
-Item 4-
How many followers are there?
How many Super-Mutant Behemoths are there?
How many shots does a Chinese Assault Rifle fire in a round?
Who is Herbert 'Daring' Dahwood's manservant?
Name all the pistols. -Pistol 1-
-Pistol 2-
-Pistol 3-
-Pistol 4-
-Pistol 5-
-Pistol 6-

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