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What does a visitor use to enter the Ministry of Magic?
The Hogwarts Express leaves from platform 9¾ of which station?
Who does the minister of Magic have to meet as soon as he assumes office?
What is the name for wizards' doctors?
How many points is a Quidditch team awarded when the seeker catches the Snitch?
What should you give your house elf to set it free?
What should you do in front of a hippogriff in order to earn his respect?
What is the name of the most popular newspaper in the wizarding world?
Which minister of magic disclaimed the return of Voldemort?
How many players are needed to form a Quidditch team?
At what age does a wizard or witch normally receive their first Hogwart's letter?
The members of which Hogwarts house are characterised by their wit, learning, and wisdom
What do you call the creature that takes the form of your worst fear?
Which popular magical beverage is served cold in bottles or hot in tunkards?
While Dumbledore was the headmaster of Hogwarts, the name of what things did he use as password to his office?
What is the name of the potion that brings you luck for a certain amount of time?
What time of year is traditionally the Yule Ball held?
Which pub is the entrance to Diagon Alley?
In which animal's stomach can you find a bezoar?
The mirror that shows the 'deepest and most desperate desire of one's heart' is named mirror of ...
What is the name of the magical noisy letter that encloses the writer's voice?
What really helps after you have been attacked by a dementor?
What's the abbreviation for the exams that seventh year student take in order to pursue certain careers after graduation?
In what unit is the size of an essay measured in Hogwarts?
What race of creatures own and run Gringotts bank?
Who do the portraits in Hogwart's headmaster's office depict?
The three deathly hallows are the Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility Cloak and what else?
What subject does professor McGonaggal teach?
What is the most valuable coin in the wizarding currency?
What is the title of Gilderoy Lockhart's autobiography?
Which charm would you use as a defense against Dementors?
Complete the levitation charm: Wingardium ....
What do we call a highly-trained, specialist officer who investigates crimes related to the Dark Arts?
What do you call an item in which a dark wizard has hidden a fragment of his soul?
Should you want to buy a wand, who should you visit?
What is the name of the competition held between the three largest European wizarding schools?
In order to use the Floo network, you need floo powder and what else?
What is a Pensieve used to reproduce?
How do wizards call a non-magical person who is born to at least one magical parent?
Which curse, invented by Severus Snape, can be used against enemies?
Who created the Philosopher's stone?
Which dreadful-tasting potion can restore your lost bones?
What is the name for a wizard who can be transfigured into animals at their own will?
What colour does the 'Avada Kedavra' curse produce?
What is the name for an object enchanted to instantly bring anyone touching it to a specific location?
What creatures are described as 'indestructible spirits of chaos'?
In which village did the Dumbledores, the Potters and Bathilda Bagshot live?
Which word is used in a spell in order to fetch an item
The root of which plant looks like a crying baby?
What creature is invisible to you if you have not witnessed death?

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