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Can you name the Buffy episodes based on these short clues?

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Darth Rosenberg. Sumerian protection. Ripe strawberries.
Shpdoinkle. Bunny omen. We Band of Buggered.
Wasps. 1955. Don't walk away from me, Bitch!
Barry White. Dead trees. Angel's on top again?
Hellcome. Sombrero. Fir Meit.
Teal paint. Saint Vigeous. Praying for aspirin.
Flying pizza. The Ghost of Fashion Victim's Past. Arch nemesisises.
Spiderman-strong. Mythtaken. Servicable.
Chocolate Hurricane. Lucky 19. Madame Butterfly.
Gay 1999-Present. Bob Barker. The Hokey Pokey.
Death of a Salesman. Pillow fort. Steering by gesturing emphatically.
Duchess of Buffonia. Janus. Man with the Musket.
Vessel. Fake sunrise. The Earth is Doomed.
Effulgent. Spicy buffalo wings. Choo choo.
Death Star mural. Magic Bone. Ex-mummy hand.
Trisected. Jacket. The theme from 'A Summer Place'.
TTFN. Shadow puppets. Everyone Sucks But Me speech.
Mulligan Stew. Othello. Checking for horns.
Lurconis. Footsie. Kiss Rocks.
La Cucaracha. Entertaining and Educating. Buffy: Slayer of the Vampyrs.

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