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Can you name the names of the comedians from the list of anagrams?

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These are British comedians
lyibl noclynlo
enafkri ylboe
ynda sanpros
akcj hhiwltela
ele camk
aidarmn tahr
dadvi hcimtlle
libl yabiel
aasrh nclmliia
la arumry
elimahc enymictr
ycirk isrgvea
rdaa o iiabrn
These are British comedians
ihlpl stujipu
tpeer yka
naal eaidvs
obr nybord
eel saevn
enkvi esgbdir
nhtpsee ryf
yimjm rcar
lseursl adohwr
irchs nodaids
aojsn mfrndao
snae cokl

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