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Who is Percy's dad?
Father of most cyclops 
Who is a mortal girl who can see through the mist?
At school & at the Hoover Dam 
What god does Grover want to find?
God of the wild 
What type of creature is Chiron?
Half horse half men 
Who is Annabeth Chase's Mom?
Goddess of wisdom 
What is the name of the black pegasus?
Always calls Percy boss 
Which hunter was killed in a junkyard of the gods?
Little brother is Nico 
Which god wants to kill Percy?
God of war 
Which ex-friend wants to kill Percy?
Son of Hermes 
What is grover?
Half goat half man 
Who does Luke serve for?
Titan that ate his children 
What ship does Luke go around on?
Princess --------- 
Which monster does Percy battle on his first time at half blood hill?
Bull man 
What does Luke use to try to get Percy to go into Tartarus?
What is the name of the creator of the labyrinth?

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