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Human understanding of situation gets progressively better
Driving force of human historical development=improvement in productive power of human labor due to sci & tech
Term:View of history as gradual realization of inherent potential Hegel & Marx both view history this way
________'s dialectic=clash of contradictory sets of ideas about human condition
____'s dialectic=clash of social groups etc...
Basic human choice b/w ____ & frustration
Standars of behavior designed around the requirements of large orgs w/ impersonal rewards&punishments specified for various types of behaviors
Repression w/in INDIVIDUAL human psychic
Natural consequence of individ. self direction is inequality
Assume we do not & cannot know our actual position in society
HintPhilosophy/Philosopher/Random Answer...
Mixing of labor w/ material objects creates____
U.S. Marxist professors of econ who analyzed U.S. capitalism in the '60suse the & sign
Forces of production are
Thanatos will decrease as Eros becomes stronger
What is the Equation/Concept of Economic Surplus according to Baron/Sweezy
This writer analyzed factors producing &influencing pain &pleasure
State=organ for the oppression of one class by another
Hayek is classified as a (Conservative or Liberal are your choices)
Hayek says, 'More toward state planning, the more we sacrifice ____'
True revolutionary Proletarian consciousness comes from deep study of philosophy & history

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