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Greatly resembles his mother's appearance; Has a human half-brother
Excluding the Muir Island team, this mutant has never been on an actual X-Men team; Coined the term 'genetically challenged' (or 'geecees' for short) to decribe mutants
Uses a fake French accent; Is actually Weapon XIII
Was called Professor W by X-Force; Is best known as a member of Excalibur and one-time lover of Shadowcat
One of the original X-Men; Had his skin turned blue by a villian
Originally from the Age of Apocalypse; Created by Mr. Sinister
Led the X-Men's Gold team during the 90's; Won a dual to become leader of the X-men and later to become leader of the Morlocks
Famously died during his second mission as an X-Man; Debuted in 'Ginated-Sized X-Men #1'
Adopted daughter of Moira MacTaggert; One of the original New Mutants
One of the original members of Generation X; Saved Wolverine from the Reavers in Australia
Comes from an alternate future timeline where mutants have M's tatooed over their right eyes; Is related to Gateway
Has been refered to as Xavier's first student; Originally a telekinetic, but later developed telepathic powers as well
Member of Alpha Flight; Is the sister of Northstar
Known for being a member of the Exiles; Was taught by Sabretooth
Secretly played a part in the Mutant Massacre; Known for his frequent romance with Rogue
Clone of one the X-Men's most famous enemies; Sacrificed himself to save the Earth in a battle with the that enemy
An artifically created being from another dimension; Has 'lucky' powers
Founder of X-Factor Investigations; Can create 'Dupes'
Reformed foe from a wealthy family; Has a 'diamond form' as a secondary mutation
Leader of the New Mutants and X-Force; The oldest child in a family with several mutant children

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