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Misheard lyricsActual lyricsSong, Artist
What's my page again?
Do the cranky egg!
I discovered that my hassles stand, upon millions of faults, millions of hands
I've got trolls but I'm not a troller
Cause after all, you're my rubber ball
Don't hear the creeper
Do you remember when we first lit that ember
I'm the son of Rachel dove, the Jesus of disturbia
She's got a cricket to hide
Sweet dome panorama
Misheard lyricsActual lyricsSong, Artist
People grilling', people fryin', children hurt and you see them flyin'
At first I was spayed, I was horrified
Don't you drown the queen of demons boy, she'll eat you if she's able
I've seen pyres and I've seen pain
Another one fights the lust
Just prance, and then run away
There's a bathroom on the right
The toys are black and frown
I've got the magic baby!
If there's a rustle in your hedgehog, don't be alarmed now

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