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AWizard Prison
BMonster in the Chamber of Secrets
CUnforgivable Torture Curse
DMuggles that Harry Live With
EDisarming Spell
FMinister of Magic (last name)
GWizarding Bank
HHarry's girl best friend
Iunforgivable controlling curse
Jwriter of the series (initial.initial.last name.)
Kquidditch player who fancies hermione
Ldaughter of xenophilius lovegood
MHead Teacher of Gryffindor
OWizarding tests (Fifth Year)
PWho Scabbers Actually is?
QThe Lovegood's Magazine
RHarry's best friend
STeacher Harry Hates Most
TLupin marries her (Last name)
UDefense Against the Dark Arts Teacher (Year 5)
VPowerful Truth Serum
WAngry Tree at Hogwarts
XEditor of the Quibbler (First name)
ZJoke Shop in Hogsmeade

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