Jamie Moyer 1st game box score

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Can you name the Jamie Moyer 1st game box score players on June 16, 1986?

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PositionPlayer Hitting/Pitching Stat
Phillies CF3-4
Phillies 3b1-4
Phillies 2b2-4 1 RBI
Phillies 1b1-5 1 RBI
Phillies LF2-3 1 RBI
Phillies RF1-5
Phillies C0-2
Phillies PH/C0-1
Phillies SS0-3 1 RBI
Phillies PH/SS0-1
Phillies SP3 2/3 IP 4 ER Loss
Phillies RP1 1/3 IP 2 ER
Phillies PH0-1
Phillies RP2 IP I ER
Phillies RP1 IP
PositionPlayer Hitting/Pitching Stat
Phillies PH/LF0-0
Cubs 3b0-2 1 RBI
Cubs SS1-5 2 RBI
Cubs 2b2-4 1 RBI
Cubs RF2-4
Cubs LF2-4
Cubs RP1 IP
Cubs 1b1-4 1 HR 2 RBI
Cubs CF/LF2-4 1 RBI
Cubs C0-3
Cubs C0-0
Cubs SP6 1/3 IP 4 ER
Cubs PH/CF0-1
Cubs RP1 2/3 IP Save

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