Wacky Jelly Belly Flavors

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What gold diggers are looking for
It's healthy to use this after every meal, or at least twice a day
If you have too much of this is in your ears, it might make you hard of hearing.
A Spanish chili pepper
If this gets too tall, you may need to get out your lawnmower
A tasy breakfast meat usually served in strips
I guess they're literally trying to wash out your mouth with this flavor
I may eat them scrambled, sunny-side-up, or in an omelet, but I wouldn't eat one when it's this spoiled (two words)
Jimmy Deans is a leading producer/seller of this breakfast meat, or you can have it on your pizza
If you can't stomach this, then give it to Popeye
If you're sick or you've had too much to drink, you may do this
I'd rather just keep this as a condiment on my burger, or eat one by itself
That's quite a fishy flavor
A good vegetable to have at a barbeque, often served with pork (2 words)
Layer of ground beneath grass
The most common worm
This animal packs a nasty smell
Now owned by Coca-Cola, this soda was first invented in 1885
Movie goers are familiar with this popular buttery treat
An orange-sized fruit with a red covering and a sweet red interior with many seeds
A lemon-lime flavored soda, or a game 'head's up, ____'
A spice that is sprinkled on food
When cheese goes bad, it becomes ____ (2 words)
A cocktail made of tequila and citrus fruit flavor
This creamy substance is often used with jelly, but can be eaten plain

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