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Nuns study hereLouisiana
Get up Sunday morning to go hereIowa
We go to college and get a job so we can find / achieve thisMissouri
It's rich and creamy and a good breakfast mealTexas
Because it's so plainVirginia
That was delicious. It was, as a kid might put it, _____ (two words, both the same)Tennessee
A particular type of stinging insect (two words, both begin with same letter)Arizona
You might find one on the corners of big city streetsOklahoma
The sound a doorbell makes (two words)Texas
Good ol' PB and J, or maybe just a turkey oneMassachusetts
Let's bow our heads to do thisMontana
The end, or paramount tensionGeorgia
A primary color + a planetMinnesota
This is usually sliced for you, but sometimes you may have to slice it yourself (two words)Vermont
A combination of pesky night-time, summer-dwelling biting insects with a common town suffix (ending)Vermont
I hope this means the people here smell really nice and are cleanColorado
It's 50% of the opposite of HeavenNorth Carolina
Inception sequel: this time it's about pregnancy Missouri
You can take it with butter or jam, but it's always a nice breakfast additionNorth Carolina
Another name for heavenMichigan
Alvin is one of theseNew York
A pesty parasitic biter + another word for city (1 word)Virginia
A type of pancakeKansas
This bad archangel is a hot primary color (2 words)Alaska
'It's getting hot in here' - probably has something to do with the pool of fire/lava that's located in this Biblical settingMichigan
Circular pastry or dessert usually with a fruity fillingWest Virginia
Because there's just nothing to do hereMaryland
You can take it with lemon, sugar, or even milkSouth Dakota
A nice cup of this would sure wake me up in the morning (two words)Mississippi
You may find one of these after a storm. The other word is another name for a big town. (2 words)Alabama
Eek! It's a ____! Even the tiniest ones freak most people out.Kentucky
Good questionArizona
Kindness, friendliness, compassion, generosityGeorgia
A type of cheeseSouth Carolina
I hope he doesn't bring me coal this year, but if he does I'll blackmail him because I saw him kissing mommyIndiana

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