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The end, or paramount tensionGeorgia
A particular type of stinging insect (two words, both begin with same letter)Arizona
Good questionArizona
This bad archangel is a hot primary color (2 words)Alaska
A pesty parasitic biter + another word for city (1 word)Virginia
A type of pancakeKansas
'It's getting hot in here' - probably has something to do with the pool of fire/lava that's located in this Biblical settingMichigan
You can take it with lemon, sugar, or even milkSouth Dakota
Get up Sunday morning to go hereIowa
We go to college and get a job so we can find / achieve thisMissouri
Alvin is one of theseNew York
The sound a doorbell makes (two words)Texas
This is usually sliced for you, but sometimes you may have to slice it yourself (two words)Vermont
It's 50% of the opposite of HeavenNorth Carolina
You might find one on the corners of big city streetsOklahoma
I hope this means the people here smell really nice and are cleanColorado
A nice cup of this would sure wake me up in the morning (two words)Mississippi
A type of cheeseSouth Carolina
A primary color + a planetMinnesota
Because there's just nothing to do hereMaryland
Circular pastry or dessert usually with a fruity fillingWest Virginia
You can take it with butter or jam, but it's always a nice breakfast additionNorth Carolina
It's rich and creamy and a good breakfast mealTexas
Eek! It's a ____! Even the tiniest ones freak most people out.Kentucky
Kindness, friendliness, compassion, generosityGeorgia
Nuns study hereLouisiana
A combination of pesky night-time, summer-dwelling biting insects with a common town suffix (ending)Vermont
That was delicious. It was, as a kid might put it, _____ (two words, both the same)Tennessee
You may find one of these after a storm. The other word is another name for a big town. (2 words)Alabama
Inception sequel: this time it's about pregnancy Missouri
Good ol' PB and J, or maybe just a turkey oneMassachusetts
I hope he doesn't bring me coal this year, but if he does I'll blackmail him because I saw him kissing mommyIndiana
Another name for heavenMichigan
Let's bow our heads to do thisMontana
Because it's so plainVirginia

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