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Artist/YearAlbumRIAA Certification
Sarah Mclachlan/19978x Platinum
Metallica/199115x Platinum
The Eagles/197616x Platinum
Kenny Rogers/19785x Platinum
Britney Spears/199914x Platinum
Celine Dion/199611x Platinum
Usher/200410x Platinum
Shakira/20013x Platinum
R.E.M./19914x Platinum
Death Cab for Cutie/2005Platinum
Artist/YearAlbumRIAA Certification
Creedence Clearwater Revival/19704x Platinum
Jewel/199512x Platinum
The Who/19713x Platinum
Shania Twain/199720x Platinum
Van Halen/198410x Platinum
Def Leppard/198712x Platinum
Christina Aguilera/19998x Platinum
Paula Abdul/19887x Platinum
Creed/199911x Platinum
Carrie Underwood/20057x Platinum

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