20 English Words That Come From India

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Can you name the following English words that are derived from languages of the Indian subcontinent?

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DefinitionWordDerivative Language
An incarnation in human form.Sanskrit
Preparation used to wash hair.Urdu/Hindi
Chain of reefs and coral islands surrounding a lagoon.Divehi
Colorfully patterned handkerchief, often worn on the head.Hindi
Broad waistband worn with men's dressclothes.Urdu/Hindi
Person who gives opinions in an authoritative manner through mass mediaHindi/Sanskrit
Roofed open gallery or portico attached to a building.Urdu/Hinddi
One that is despised or rejected.Tamil
Small collapsible bed.Urdu/Hindi
DefinitionWordDerivative Language
Small boat towed behind a larger boat as a lifeboat.Bengali
Impenetrable mass of tropical forest.Urdu/Hindi
Massive force that crushes anything in its pathHindi
Bliss, heaven.Sanskrit
Stolen goods/to plunder.Urdu/Hindi
Thick sauce containing fruits, spices, sugar, and vinegar.Urdu/Hindi
Exercise for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being.Sanskrit
Game played on horseback with mallets.Balti
Large, spotted cat of Africa and Asia.Urdu/Hindi
Llight yellowish brown cloth made of cotton or wool, common in military uniforms.Urdu/Hindi

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