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Charles dissolves Parliament (late 20's)
Dissolution of the Monasteries
Forced loan for Spanish war (Charles I)
Death of Prince Henry (Charles I's brother)
Divorce crisis begins
Peace in Ireland (James I)
Nineteen Propositions of Parliament
Peace at Cateau-Cambresis (Elizabeth I)
Ten Propositions of Parliament
Parliament issues Militia Ordinance
Religious Settlement in England
Succession of Edward VI; ascendancy of Protector Somerset
Grand Remonstrance
Riots and petitions in Scotland over prayer book
Death of Richard III at Bosworth; accession of Henry VII
Short Parliament soon followed by Long Parliament
Charles accepts Petition of Right
Ship money levied
Charles fails to arrest five members of the Commons
Peace with France (Henry VIII)
Wolsey appointed Lord Chancellor
Execution of Empson and Dudley
Execution of Mary Stuart
Defeat of Buckingham at La Rochelle
Accession of Mary
War with France and Scotland; Battle of Flodden - English victory over Scotland
Papal Bull declare Elizabeth excommunicated and deposed
Thirty Year's War Begins
Establishment of Jamestown, Virginia
End of war with Spain (James I)
Tonnage and Poundage Act
Five Articles of Perth
Battle of Pinkie - English victory over Scotland (Edward VI)
Archbishop Parker's 'Adevertisements' demand religious conformity
Accession of James VI of Scotland as James I
Addled Parliament meets (James I)
Birth of Prince Henry
Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn - birth of Elizabeht
Impeachment of Strafford and Laud
War with France (Mary I)
Mary Stuart flees to England
Defeat of the Spanish Armada
Assasination of Henri IV (James I)
New Book of Rates (Mary I)
Strafford executed
James declared 'King of Great Britain'
Act against dissolving parliament without permission
Leicester's intervention in the Netherlands; war with Spain
Gunpowder plot
James' first Parliament
Persecutions of Protestants begins
Charles I crowned
Scottish National Assembly draws up National Covenant abolishing the Book of Common Prayer
Dissolution of Charles' second Parliament
Accession of Elizabeth I
Act of Supremacy
Warwick's coup
Pilgrimage of Grace
Duke of Suffolk's march on Paris (Henry VIII)
Prince Charles marries Henrietta Maria; suppression of recusansy laws
Act of Appeals
Birth of Prince Charles (Charles II)
First Book of Common Prayer
Parliament attacks Buckingham after Cadiz expedition
Act of Revocation revoking all crown gifts in Scotland made since 1540
Rebellion in Ireland (Charles I)
Start of Civil War
Bad harvests begin (Elizabeth I)
English prayer book introduced to Scotland
Buckingham assassinated
Jesuit missionaries arrive in England
Fall of Wolsey - Sir Thomas More succeeds as Lord Chancellor
Rebellion of Lambert Simnel
Visit to Scotland by James I
Execution of More and Fisher
Peace of Cambrai (Henry VIII)
Northern Rising (Elizabeth I)
Essex's rebellion
Battle of Solway Moss - English victory over invading Scottish army (Henry VIII)
Peace with France (Charles I)
Campaign against recusants
Peace with Spain (Charles I)
Midlands rising (James I)
Accession of Henry VIII
War with France - English capture of Boulogne (Henry VIII)
Union of England and Wales (Henry VIII)
More resigns

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