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Can you name the harry potter: true or false?

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simple t/f questionst/fexplaination
harry meets ron fo the first time on the hogwarts express
hermione thinks that being expelled is worse than being killed
hagrid was expelled in his 4th year
dudley goes to a school called smeltings
fenrir greyback has the dark mark
hagrid owns an owl
voldemorts birthday is on December 31st
Molly and Arthur have 9 immediate children
simple t/f questionst/fexplaination
none of the weasleys die throughout the series
harry watches TV all the time
harry dates cho chang in his fourth year
the triwizard cup is a portkey
the weasleys live in ottery st. catchpole
ron abandons harry and hermione during christmas on their search for horcruxes
voldemort takes over the wizarding world

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