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LyricMissing WordsSong
The heat is on Saigon is there __ ___ ___ ___? Don't ask I ain't gonna tell.The Heat Is On In Saigon
I'm 17 and I'm new here today. The village I come from seems __ __ ___.The Heat Is On In Saigon
Tonight I will be ___ _____! I'll win a GI and be gone.Backstage At Dreamland
The movie in my mind, the dream that fills my head, a man ___ ____ ___ ____. Who'll fight for me instead.The Movie In My Mind
Why does Saigon never sleep at night? Why does this girl smell of ___ ____?Why God Why?
I liked my memories as they were but now I'll leave ____ ____.Why God Why?
Do you want one more tale of a _____ _____? This Money's Yours
You are sunlight and I moon. Joined by the gods of fortune, Midnight and high noon, ____ ____ ____.Sun & Moon
It's pretty but what does it mean? It's what all the girls sing at _____. they didn't know what else to sing.The Ceremony (Dju Vui Vay)
Why was I born of a ____ that thinks only of rice, and hates entrepeneurs?If You Want To Die In Bed
You have no right to be here I'm not a ____ ___ ___ _____. We were promised at thirteen the woman I've become Is not the sameWhat's This I Find?
A crazy sound, a lonely sound a cry that tells us love goes on and on, played on a ____ ____.The Last Night of the World
On silent feet it came, Breathing a ___ ___ ___.The Morning of the Dragon
LyricMissing WordsSong
I'll live, ___ ____ ____, you will will return, and I alone know whyI Stil Believe
That's a mad dog on the ______. If you think he'll change - save your breathThis Is the Hour
There is a ____ that you don't know. There is a force here I never showThis Is the Hour
I hear the voice of my soldier, telling me to bring...___ _____.Let Me See His Western Nose
You who i cradled in my arms You asking as little as you can, ____ ____ of a little man I know i'd give my life for you.I'd Give My Life For You
They are the the ____ _____, of all the good we failed to doBui-Doi
you must read the ____ Chris but yes she's aliveThe Revelation
I'm disgraced I cant get ahead there's nothing as dead as peace here in _____.What A Waste
_____, he went crazy when he lost you, spoke to no one for a year Please
The choppers on there way there's room for you all! They're climbing over the wall! ___ _____!The Fall of Saigon
They must written the ____ _____ _____. I am looking for someone named Christopher Scott. Room 317
Now that I've seen her I know ___ ___ ____, and I think it was better when I didn't know.Now that I've Seen Her
How in one night have we come...___ ____.Finale

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