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LyricTitle of Musical
All the odds are, they're in my favor, somethings bound to begin. It's gonna happen...
I could have spread my wings and done a thousand things I've never done before
All I've ever needed was the music and mirror and the chance to dance for you.
Sing of today! Sing of today! Sing of today!
Who will be part of my circus? Who will love me as I am?
I could be in someone else's story, in someone else's life and he could be in mine.
Every morning you greet me, small and white clean and bright you look happy to meet me.
Tiny sweet, and then it grows and then it fills the air. Who knows what they call it, I don't care!
But if someone like you, found someone like me, then suddenly nothing would ever be the same. My heart would take wing, and I'd feel so alive.
It was a murder but not a crime.
Deep in your eyes I saw the gods design, now my life is forever yours and you are mine.
Cages or wings, which do you prefer? Ask the birds. Fear of love baby don't say the answer, actions speak louder than words.
Day after day, give me clouds and rain and gray. Give me pain if that's whats real, it's the price we pay to feel.
Time flies, time dies. Glory. One blaze of glory.
Marry well, social whirl buisiness man, clever girl, or pin my future on a green glass love . What kind of life am I dreaming of? I say, gimme gimme...
I just want our time to be, slower, gentler, wiser, free.
LyricTitle of Musical
I won't betray his trust, though people say I must. I've got to stay true just, as long as he needs me.
Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty, what would life be without a song or a dance what are we?
I'll know as I run to his arms that at last I've come home safe and sound. Until then, I shall wait.
But his voice filled my spirit with a strange sweet sound, in that night there was music in my mind.
In my life, there are times when I catch in the silence, the sigh of a far away song.
Green finch and linnet bird, nightingale, blackbird, how is it you sing?
I'll find my way, I'll find it far away. I'll find it in the unexpected and unkown I'll find my life in my own way, today. Here I go...
How in the light of one night did we come so far?
There's been a change in me, a kind of moving on, though what I used to be I still depend upon.
You're the one who taught me how to twist and shout because you shout nonstop and you're so twisted too!
Broadway lights, and wide open spaces! There's such a lot of livin to do.
For here you are and what was just a world is a star. Tonight.
A summers day, a mother sings, a song of purple summer through the heart of everything.
Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true. Well, isn't it?
It turned colder, that's where it ends. So I told her we'd still be friends. Then we made our true love vow, wonder what she's doin now.

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