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Can you name the PEDLIGS of the JFK administration?

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Headed commission to investigate JFK's death
Almost led to full fledged Nuclear war
A tale of good v/s evil
Reduced Tariff for EEC
Kennedy's view for developing nations
MLK Jr. was the president of this
The amendment in question in Gideon v/ Wainwrigh
Created the 'Twist'
Failed invasion of Cuba
Stopped testing of nuclear weapons
Executive Order 10924 established
Kennedy's domestic program
Burned themselves alive in protest
Abington School District v/ Schempp ruled reading this in school unconstitutional
Author of 'Why England Slept'
Result of East Berliners fleeing into West Berlin
The destruction of innocence is a theme in this book
Abolished mandatory death penalty in DC for 1st degree murder
Doing this to budgets will allow for growth of economy
Guerilla force in Vietnam
This case set a protocol to protect citizens against improper searches

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