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The amount recognized as income in a barter transaction is equal to
18(1)(e) restricts deductions for
18(1)(t) restricts deductions for
18(1)(c) restricts deductions for
20(1)(e) allows deductions for
Which section will you find the 50% rule for meals and entertainment
Basis of Inventory Valuation
18(12) restricts deduction for
18(9) restricts deduction for
18(1)(n) restricts deductions for
20(16) allows deductions for
Expenses incurred to earn commission are limited to
12(1)(d) and (e) requre inclusion of
12(1)(l) requires inclusion of
20(1)(p) allows deductions for
9(2) requires inclusion of
18(1)(f) restricts deductions for
18(1)(r) restricts deductions for
18(1)(b) restricts deductions for
18(1)(l) restricts deductions for
Inclusion rate for a capital gain
20(1)(z) allows deductions for
18(1)(h) restricts deductions for
Cost formula that is disallowed
9(1) requires inclusion of
9(3) requires inclusion of
Revenue from sale of capital asset is considered
20(1)(l) - (p) allows deductions for
20(1)(b) allows deductions for
20(1)(aa) allows deductions for
Revenue from sale of inventory is considered:
20(1)(f) allows deductions for
20(10) allows deductions for
67 restricts deductions for
20(1)(e.2) allows deductions for
20(1)(c) and (d) allows deductions for
20(1)(a) allows deductions for

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