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When is Harry's Birthday?
What is Ginny's full name?Think about it...
What are Mr. and Mrs. Granger's names when their memories are erased?
What is Ron's patronus?
When is Fred and George's birthday?
What is the Ravenclaw mascot?It's trickier than you'd think.
Where is Dumbledore's scar?Some of these are pretty difficult, aren't they?
What is Dumbledore's scar in the shape of?
What materials was Voldemort's wand made of?Alright, that's an easy one.
What's the code for the visitor's entrance of the Ministry?That's easy too.
Which pet is part Kneazle
What's the incantation used to conjure the Dark Mark?
Who is Fridwulfa?
What is the Hogwart's Motto?
What is the 12th use for Dragon's blood?This is really hard. I suggest Googling it.

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