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Can you name the the Accounting and Federal Reserve terms?

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Patents and Copyrights are what type of Asset?
The statement that has revenues and expenses
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act makes accountants maintain financial documents for...(# years)
If the Fed sells government securities, the money supply______.
The Pizza Shop's liabilities total $60,000 and its owners' equity is $165,000. Assets equal_____.
A means of performing financial transactions through a computer terminal or telephone hookup. Give the term
What controls the Federal Reserve System?
There are____district banks in the Federal Reserve System
Assets, Liablilities, and Owners Equity accounts make up the...
GAAP is...
Managers and employees benefit from what type of accounting?
If the Fed decreases the reserve requirement, the money supply _______.
Land, Buildings, and Equipment are what type of asset?
The firm's debts are considered as
Debts to be repaid in one year or less are________ (two words)

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