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Can you name the Difficult answers from NBC's Chuck?

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Chuck Quiz For Hardcore Fans
What did Chuck use to disable his first ever bomb?
What Move earned Chuck his first kill?
Daniel Shaw's Codename?
Sarah's Name at School?
Morgans Middle Name?
Casey's Favorite President
CAT Squad full name?
Sarah's Red Test Kill?
Mary Bartowski's Middle Name?
Name of the Large Mart Pig?
Chuck Quiz For Hardcore Fans
Chuck Vs The Ring, What song did Jeffster Perform?
Male GRETA Actual Name?
What does Chuck Use To Disable a Nuclear bomb at the airport?
Baby Clara's Favorite Song?
How Does Casey Like His Coffee?
What Did Chucks mother use to Suppress the interesect?
Casey's Name to the Costa Gravans?
The Subway sandwich Jeff Created?
Devon 'Awesome' Woodcombe's Middle Name?
Alexei Volkoff's real name?

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