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2011qmLittle Mix
what song did perrie sing for her audition
whats jade's symbol
what's jesy's boyfriends name
Whats jesy's middle name
what song did jade sing for her audition
wheres perrie from
What member was being cyber bullied while on the show
whats perrie's boyfriends name
what month is jade's birthday
whats jade's boyfriends name
what song did leigh-anne sing for her audition
which member thought her mam was diana ross
whats perrie's surname
Whats perrie's middle name
whats jade's nickname
whats jesy's symbol
what month is jesy's birthday
whats perrie's nickname
what month is perrie's birthday
which member has no sense of smell
whats jesy's nickname
2011qmLittle Mix
whats the name of their new single released in july
whats leigh-anne's nickname
what song did jesy sing for her audition
whats jade's surname
which member has an obsession with trainers
wheres jade from
who was there mentor and now close friend
what song did they sing in judges houses
whats jesy's surname
who is the girls role model
wheres leigh anne from
What talent show were they formed on
which member has a pug called harvey
whats leigh-anne's surname
whats perrie's symbol
what month is leigh anne's birthday
wheres jesy from
Whats jade's middle name
whats leigh-anne's symbol
what song did they sing for the first live show

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