Word Ladder: Lost and Found

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder, whose themed words represent a common cycle?

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To be missing; without
(as in '___ courage'; or '___ fortitude')
Slender, thin
Realm; domain: '__ of the free'
(as in 'The Star Spangled Banner' lyrics)
To give
(as in '___ a hand')
Song or speech
(Scot. dialectal)
'I feel the ___... for speed'
(Top Gun)
What kids call the 'bookworm'
Many pastoral grazers
'A ____ Day's Night'
(The Beatles, in black & white)
Adult red deer, or stag
Skin imperfection
'All I ___ for Christmas...'
'...is my two front teeth'
'He ___ thataway!'
Confined or repressed
(as in '___-up feelings')
Actress Amanda
'___aboo' - What you say to babies
(who play along, and act surprised)
What Harry Potter does to a Snitch
( as Quidditch play commences)
Sesame or poppy particle
(stuck in your teeth?)
Dispatch, or cause to go
Repel, or ward off
___ out
(learn the secret)
'… and in the darkness ___ them'
(Lord of the Rings)
'___ of Brothers'
(Spielberg/Hanks WWII homage)
Poison; or perhaps a nemesis
Do this with a cake
(in the oven)
Try not to '___ things for granted'
Thrash or struggle
(Brit. dialectal)
It's hard to '___ a nice day'
(when told that in late afternoon)
Threw or cast, with effort
'___ one another'
(Biblical principle)
You might do this to your keys...
(... try not to also do it to your temper)

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