Things We Do and Say, 'While Sporcling'

Random Just For Fun or missing word Quiz

Can you name the listed things a person might do, think, or say; while playing a Sporcle game? Use only letters from 'W-H-I-L-E S-P-O-R-C-L-I-N-G' to complete each word.

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Things thought/said/doneEnter FULL WordThis may happen when you are
Click to _ _AY GAMEStarting
Ty_ _ in an answerAny time
'_ _t it!'Right
'_ _at?'Wrong
Stop and t_ _ _kAny time
'Y_ _!'Right
Press wrong key with a f_ _ _ _ _Any time
'_ _ _ is that person?'Any time
'How do you _ _ _ _ _ that word?'Any time
Press 'Ba_k_ _a_ _' keyAny time
_ _ _at_ _ your headAny time
'This game doesn't make _ _ _ _ _!'Any time
Read the specific _ _ _t_u_t_ _ _ _ for the gameAny time
'We're supposed to k_ _ _ this?!'Any time
_ _ _ _ _ the 'Tab' KeyAny time
'This is (too) _a_d!'Any time
'Way too _a_y!'Any time
“'Bishkek’ is the Capital of ‘Ky_ _yz_ta_.'”Any time
'_v_ _yb_dy knows that!'Right
'Ya gotta be k_dd_ _ _ me!'Wrong
'Never _ _a_d of him!'Any time
'_ _ _ _ _ _' the answer on the internetNever?
Sip your b_v_ _a_ _Any time
Check t_m_ remainingNow
Things thought/said/doneEnter FULL WordThis may happen when you are
Keep typing letters, unaware you did NOT actually answer the _ _ _v_ _u_ clue yet!Any time
“This game is too 'Sporcle-_ _ _t_ _ _!'”Any time
Press 'D_ _ _t_' keyAny time
T_ _ _ _ something across the roomAny time
Click on the '_au_ _' buttonAny time
Quit the _am_Any time
See how much time is still _ _ftNow
'Got _u_ky!'Right
'Why won't it accept this _ _ _d?'Wrong
'Need m_ _ _ time!'Any time
Click on '_ _v_ up?'Any time
'I've already TRIED every _ _tt_ _!'Wrong
Check time remaining on _ _ _ _kNow
'Whew! That was a _ _ _ _ _ call!'At end
'How fa_t did I get 'em?'At end
'How many of 'em did I _ _t?'At end
Review m_ _ _ _d answersAt end
'That's really a _ _u_t_y?'At end
View _tat_At end
'I K_ _ _ nobody would get that one!'At end
Click on a _ _ _b_ to rate gameAt end
Read the _ _mm_ _t_At end
Click on an 'up' or 'down' a_ _ _ _At end
Make a fu_ _y remarkAt end
Compare scores of your f_ _ _ _d_At end

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