Word Ladder: “Let's Break Some Ladder Rules!”

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder according to criteria which occasionally break the rules? (*Please see How To Play*)

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Criteria!... I mean, Clues!Rung Answers
✪ Scout, Chorus, Flower, Working, New ✪
Fish ____
Sleeping or chill ____
Exit, opinion, or straw ____
✪ Marco, Horse, Shirt, Water ✪
Have you played Sporcle's 3D ____gram quizzes yet?
Zodiacally-based chart: ____scope
✪ Sandwich, Folk, Worship, Super ✪
Bad poetry:
“I ____ the cows
And loudly do they moo!”
Ⓧ 'Harry and the ____ersons' Ⓧ
Ⓧ 'Seize', from Old English 'hentan' Ⓧ
Ⓧ Quadruple-Letter-Changing-Rung Jump to [next rung]! (CLUE: synonym of [next rung]) Ⓧ
Ⓧ Quadruple-Letter-Changing-Rung Jump from [prev. rung]! (HINT: synonym of [prev. rung) Ⓧ
✪ Book, Foot, Glee, Soda, Football ✪
Ⓧ That 'going-under-water gurgling sound:
'____, ____, ____' Ⓧ
Your dinner (if you enjoy eating beetle larvae)
A sudden movement whereby your dinner guest rudely steals a larva off your plate
✪ Squirrel, Slate, Skies, Macy ✪
✵ Secretly place your cookies for Santa on this ✵
They precede 'la-las' in some song lyrics
Criteria!... I mean, Clues!Rung Answers
What truly makes a Brit a Brit in the afternoons
Ⓧ Sporcle protocol: Nic Cage film! 'Guarding ____' Ⓧ
An apt description of this quiz three days ago
Ⓧ How Sean Connery might pronounsh [prev. rung] while saying “A fine [prev. rung] you've gotten us into!” Ⓧ
Ⓧ How Sean Connery might pronounsh [this rung] in response, if he'd said [prev. rung] while looking in a mirror: “I [this rung] so!” Ⓧ
Secret Santa Recipient's reaction to this quiz: “Oh my ____! For me? Awesome, dude!”
Ⓧ How Sean Connery might pronounsh the word 'pause', while saying “I need a pause button!” Ⓧ
Do this for a camera
Small opening or orifice in the skin or a leaf
Ⓧ Rhymes with [prev. rung] Ⓧ
✪ Code, Processor, Spoken, Ladder, Play ✪
Actor Burt ____ (or what his 60s TV character was to Bruce Wayne)
Item often flicked by Hermione, Harry, Draco, et al.
♪ Without Wings, it wouldn't have been “on the run” ♪
✪Ⓧ Bang, Gun, Up, Big Ⓧ✪
✪ Bada, Crosby, Search, Cherry, Chandler ✪
Ⓧ Sound of the first coin dropped in a piggy bank? Ⓧ
How a real piggy would describe that
Ⓧ Unctuous Double-Letter-Change! Slick! Greasy! Ⓧ
✪ Pad, Munster, Tiger, Aldrin ✪

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