“Sounds like Roman Numerals to me...”

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Can you answer each clue by ONLY entering Roman numerals, to create the 'sound' of real words? (See instructions*)

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ClueRoman numeralsHomophonic word(s)
Flight formation for victorious birds?
2-word expression of compliance to a ship's captain
An extension, usually at right angles to one end of a building
Plant which can 'crawl' up trees or walls
Host who introduces speakers or perfomers on a broadcast
Dorothy's aunt in 'The Wizard of Oz'
I have one, I see. Without one I still see.
Even the blind can do this, if they understand.
Metal loop used to fasten gear on a riding harness (named for its shape)
French for 'sky'
A former spouse; or that person's 'hasty signature' on the divorce papers?
To be quite proficient with certain Microsoft software?
Like a run-down motel; or sesame-laden hamburger buns?
A 3-word (or 3-diphthong) expression of Spanish origin,
used to show frustrated bemusement or disbelief

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