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Can you name the words in this 'Sound Ladder' homage; where ONE SOUND is Changed, Added, or Removed on each rung*?

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Wondering About The Innovator*The Innovator*
From a professor's mind, like a plant from a seed, the idea for a new Ladder 'twist' does ________.
Could such inventiveness be fueled by brand-name lemon-lime soft drinks like _______?
Or perhaps it's cola or coffee that keeps him nimble, agile, and _____.
We'll have to dig deeper; so into such personal affairs we shall ____.
To learn of these things, on our knees we could ____,
For a glimmer of insight, just a beam or a ____.
We feel that a sharp mind is needed, wouldn't you ____?
In school, one assumes his grades were good; 'A's and 'B's, and nary a '__'.
In the classroom, behind his desk he would gladly take his ____,
And absorb all of earth's knowledge (or so it would ____).
So now, when it comes to 'gaming,' things just can't stay the _____,
Like an archer, at 'progress and innovation' he's obliged to take ____;
'Til the only thing left to type is the end of his NA__E.

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