Missing Word: Do Not Drink!

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Can you name the missing drink types, beverages, or liquid foods, from these phrases using non-potable references?

Featured Apr 7, 2013

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Non-potable phraseMissing (Alphabetical)Non-potable hint
Masquer___A masked ball which serves summer-time refreshments?
Isopropyl (Rubbing) ________Disinfectant or skin soothant
____ bellyaka, 'potbelly' (though unrelated to 'smoking' anything)
Molotov ________Incendiary bottle grenade containing flammable liquid
______ cakeSweetened bread, often with cinnamon, nuts, and/or a sugar glaze
Shaving _____Foamy lubricant applied to beard stubble
Military _____Conscription, or selection by lot, for induction into armed services
Cotton ___Eli Whitney's invention for separating fibers from their seeds
____ programming languageComputer platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995
___ Biden, DiMaggio, or CockerNot always an 'ordinary' sort of name…
Vil_____Inhabitant of a small rural town
'The ____ese Falcoln'1941 film noir starring Humphrey Bogart
____ chocolate(As opposed to 'white' or 'semisweet' or 'dark')
Cement _____Machine with a revolving drum, used to produce concrete
___slideMass of soil moving down a hillside, made fluid by rain
___ musicMainstream music for Coke or Pepsi lovers?
____ of callWhere ships stop briefly for repairs, supplies, or for passengers
Sucker _____A sneaky, unexpected blow; may occur during a boxing match
___pelstiltskinStraw-spinning Brothers Grimm fairy tale character
'The Catcher in the ___'J.D. Salinger's novel about 'antihero' Holden Caulfield
'… be good for goodness ____'It's advisable do this when 'Santa Claus is Coming To Town'
______ tapeBrand of transparent adhesive tape (NOT invented in the northern U.K.)
_____ handsWhat politicians do a lot during campaign stops
Baking ____ (Bicarbonate of ____)Powdery white leavening agent, or antacid
Duck ____Title of a Marx Brothers movie
Boston ___ PartyThe 1773 political protest against British taxation
Holy _____Many people dip their fingers in this when entering a church
_______, X-ray, Yankee, ZuluThe last four code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet

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