Missing Word: Clemenza's Recipe in “The Godfather”

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Can you name the missing words to Clemenza's kitchen advice to a Corleone son in “The Godfather”*?

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All of the lines in this quiz are spoken by Clemenza.
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Clemenza's Kitchen AdviceMissing Words
“Hey _____, why don't you tell that nice girl you love her?...
...'I love you with all-a my _____!...'
'… If I don't see you again soon, I'm a-gonna ___!'
Hey, come over here, ___, learn something.
You never know, you might have to ____ for twenty guys some day.
You see, you start out with a little bit of ___.
Then you fry some ______.
Then you throw in some _________,
tomato _____...
You ___ it,
you make sure it doesn't _____.
You get it to a ____;
You shove in all your ________,
and your __________.
And a little bit o' ____,
and a little bit o' _____,
and that's my _____!”

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