24 Ways to Sneeze (besides a too-easy “Ah...CHOO!”)

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Can you name the 'CH'-sounding things one could exclaim while finishing a Sneeze (*see game notes first!)?

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This utterance would take the place of the prototypical "Ah...CHOO!" It all started when a friend sneezed once, and added his take: "Ah....CHOO CHOO TRAIN!" Of course, from then on, several of the variations which are included in this game began to appear at the end of all of our sneezes. As kids, it was a blast!... ** Each word or phrase begins with an actual, OR approximation of the, "CH" sound, as might be "heard" by us as kids (e.g. "CH" in "choo" or the "TR" sound of "try"). Enjoy the game, and bless you!
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It might contain smoke, soot, or Santa Claus at times
Three-sided polygon, and a musical instrument
This 3-syllable anthropoid ape is smaller than a gorilla
Big furry fella in Star Wars
Dramatic genre of theater which flourished in ancient Greece
One was allegedly chopped down by George Washington in his youth (2 wds)
'Candy' you can blow bubbles with, but shouldn't swallow (or stick under a desk at school) (2 wds)
What pirates buried their loot in (2 wds)
Region of Romania from whence many a legend of vampires arose
Name of the car, and the book, and the movie-musical starring Dick Van Dyke, so called because of the sound the car makes (4 wds)
An eating establishment in which you might use chopsticks (2 wds)
English football (soccer) team, or Hilary & Bill Clinton's daughter
This frozen creamy dessert is a popular alternative to vanilla and strawberry, and is often served in a dish or on a cone (3 wds)
You can jump up and down on this, just for fun, perhaps performing a few somersaults as well
The movie character 'Leatherface' used this device rather inappropriately, but this power tool is used to cut through and fell trees (2 wds)
Charlton Heston raced in one of these in Ben Hur; but I don't recall seeing one made 'of fire' in that other movie about runners…
This is exclaimed when your opponent's king cannot escape in that board game
Little small striped rodent of the squirrel family named Alvin, Simon, or Theodore
Cave dweller of yore; term to describe a person with reclusive habits or outmoded or reactionary attitudes
The last name of the 100-point-scoring basketball player, Wilt; or the Prime Minister of the U.K. at the start of WWII, Neville
One of the 76 brass musical instruments (incorporating a moveable slide) sung about in 'The Music Man'
The bass member of the violin family tuned an octave below the viola
Prague was its capital before it split into two countries
You might hear this word coming or going, in Italy -- it can be used for 'hello' or 'goodbye'

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