Word Ladder: Use the Previous Rung

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Can you name the answers to this 4-letter word ladder, by using hints which incorporate previous rungs*?

Updated Oct 15, 2012

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Hints    ([PR] = Previous Rung)Answers
This is the first ___ of the ladder, or the highest, depending on
your interpretation of 'ladder.'
The ___ spilled on the floor, and I had to [PR] over the meat, carrots and potatoes.
By winning a championship, she ___ her demons, and no longer needed
to [PR] over her failures.
A [PR] of geese ___ over us; there certainly were hundreds of them.
Go with the ___, and you'll think that the time [PR] by.
When you stretch a balloon first, the air will [PR] more easily when you start to ___.
If you [PR] this quiz, just ___ it out of your mind afterwards.
A newly discovered [PR] on his past made his employer give him the ___.
The skier put her ___ into the ski [PR].
You're a ___ if you agree to [PR] the bill before your friends decide
what they are ordering at the restaurant.
If you [PR] around during practice, you might ___ the team's goal
of improving each week.
A torn sheet of aluminum [PR] will ___ to cover your leftover food properly.
You must fix the ___ light, or the car will [PR] the inspection.
The private detective considered it a ___ order to try to [PR] the suspect
in broad daylight.
Kids are not allowed on some carnival rides ___ they are [PR] enough.
The slope of the ___ made it difficult for the farmer to [PR] the land.
Arthritis made it even harder for the old commander, who knew he was
over the [PR], to grasp the ___ of his sword.
You've played this game to the [PR] if you can 'take a ___,' and solve the
final one of this word ladder, before time runs out.

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