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Can you name the missing words in these titles or phrases, where something's missing*?

Updated Nov 1, 2012

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Answers are alphabetical A-Z (there is no "X"). Length of blanks reflect length of missing words.
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Title or PhraseWordLetter / Clue
“Missing in ______”A) Chuck Norris, as Colonel James Braddock, searches for American soldiers in this 1984 action film, set in Vietnam
“Where's the _____?”B) 81-year-old Clara Peller received instant fame, and popularized a catch-phrase, in this 1984 Wendy's ad campaign
Missed the ___C) Competitors who are eliminated from events -- by failing to meet the criteria to qualify for a subsequent 'round' -- are said to have done this
Metal ________D) This device often costs more for 'recreational' users than the total value of the coins it locates on beaches
“Can't Get _______ of Your Love, Babe”E) Barry White recorded this Billboard Hot 100 and U.S. R & B # 1 song in 1974
“Where Have All The _______ Gone?”F) Pete Seeger tune, covered by the Kingston Trio; and by Peter, Paul and Mary
“Has Anybody Seen My ____?”G) She's 'Five-foot-two, Eyes of blue,' in this song popularized in the 1920's
“Lost ________”H) This 1933 James Hilton novel/1937 Frank Capra film set in the Tibetan mountains gave rise to the phrase 'shangri la'
“The __________ Man”I) H. G. Wells' science fiction novella relates the story of a scientist who ends up, shall we say, missing himself...
Missing _______ puzzle piecesJ) A common phenomenon with regard to interlocking puzzles, perhaps they're behind the sofa cushions?
“Where did I put my _____?”K) The answer may allow you to 'get in', or 'get going'
“You've Lost That _______ Feelin'”L) This Righteous Brothers song was ranked by BMI as the most played song on American radio and TV in the 20th Century
“______ is Missing!”M) In this 1993 Nintendo game, set in Antarctica, Luigi is the hero!
“Finding _____”N) In this 2003 animated Pixar film, a clownfish named 'Marlin' (voiced by Albert Brooks) searches for his son
“The Hunt for Red __________”O) Sean Connery stars in this 1990 film thriller in which Captain Ramius plans to defect in a sub whose name calls to mind the Soviet uprising of 1917
“Missing ________ Squad/Unit”P) A special branch of the FBI in the TV drama series 'Without a Trace'; also a documentary series in Australia on those who have gone missing
“I'm sorry, but that was not phrased in the form of a _________”Q) What Alex Trebek might say to a Jeopardy contestant who answers without asking
“Where's my _______”R) This page, on the U.S. Internal Revenue Service website, provides information for taxpayers EAGER to know what's coming to them (and when)
“The _________”S) John Wayne stars in this 1956 Western movie in which a Civil War veteran spends years looking for his niece (Natalie Wood), abducted as a child by the Comanches
Missing _____T) In certain traditions, this physiological occurence calls for a certain 'fairy' to leave money under the pillow of the affected child, whose smile may appear differently
Mobile phones, coats, and __________U) A 2012 Daily Mail online article report lists these as the most commonly lost items on the London Underground
“The __________ Lady”V) In the 1880's, French Magician Buatier de Kolta created this illusion in which a woman, seated in a chair and momentarily covered in cloth, seemed to disappear
“________ for Godot”W) Samuel Beckett play in which two characters on a country road anticipate the arrival of Godot, who never appears
The Lost _______ of JesusY) This phrase refers to an undocumented timespan between Jesus' childhood and the beginning of his ministry as recorded in the New Testament
“The Case of the Missing ______ Stripes”Z) This 1993 children's book focuses on mathematical aspects of a trip to the zoo

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