Missing Word: Advertising 'Claims' (A-Z)

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Can you name the missing words to these past or present product claims in slogans, ads, jingles, or promotions (A-Z)?

Updated Nov 14, 2012

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Subjective Claim / AdvertisementHype Words (A-Z)Source
'You’ll _______ want the butter with the Anchor sign' (A)Anchor Butter
'Probably the ____ lager in the world' (B)Carlsberg
'Once you pop you _____ stop' (C)Pringles
'No he ______!' (D)ESPN Sportscenter segment
'It's simply the ________ way to a beautiful home' (E)Decorating Den
'_____, with any purchase!' (F)Generic product giveaway claim
'Winston tastes _____, like a cigarette should' (G)Winston
'Our people make you ______' (H)TWA
'New and _________ flavor' (I)Blue Spa Select Kitten Dry Cat Food
'Jump for ____. ____ is BMW' (J)BMW
'We _____ Drama' (K)TNT
'Expect More. Pay _____.' (L)Target
'_____ See TV' (M)NBC
'_______ Knows the Kitchen Like KitchenAid' (N)KitchenAid
'The _____ Way to Fly' (O)Western Airlines
'_________ Entertaining' (P)ION
'The _______ picker-upper' (Q)Bounty
'____ Life. Drama.' (R)A&E
'Two all-beef patties, _______ sauce…' (S)McDonalds
'The Most ________ Name in News' (T)CNN
'The _________ Driving Machine' (U)BMW
'_____ Funny' (V)TBS
'Because I'm ______ it' (W)L'Oréal
'The soft bass ringtone with a ____________ topping' (X)StahlWorks.com
'It Could Be ____' (Y)The National Lottery
'Lipton adds ______ lemon flavor for an exceptional iced tea taste' (Z)Lipton

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