Famous From the 19th Century II

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Can you name the notable people of the 19th century, by completing their names* (Pt II)?

Updated Jan 9, 2013

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___ LincolnGreat Emancipator
Susan B. ___Women's suffrage
'___' MastersonU.S. Marshal
Simón ___South American 'Libertador'
Napoléon ___French Emperor
Johannes ___'_____' Lullaby'
Emily ___'Wuthering Heights'
John ___Abolitionist; Harpers Ferry
'___ Bill' CodyWild West shows
Sitting ___Sioux Chief
'___' JaneHeroine of the Plains
___ BabbageProgrammable computer
Anton ___'Uncle Vanya'
___ BartonAmer. Red Cross
Charles ___Natural Selection
Edgar ___'The Dance Class'
Rudolf ___Compression-ignition engine
'___' HollidayO.K. Corral
Fyodor ___'Crime and Punishment'
Alexandre ___'The Three Musketeers'
Antonín ___'New World Symphony'
George ___Kodak camera
___ Dickinson'Because I Could Not Stop for Death...'
Robert ___Steamboat
Giuseppe ___Italy's Hero of Two Worlds
King ___ IVU.K.
___ TubmanUnderground Railroad
Nathaniel ___'The Scarlet Letter'
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich ___'Phenomenology of Spirit'
___ Melville'Moby Dick'
Winslow ___'Breezing Up'
Crazy ___Little Bighorn
Victor ___'Les Misérables '
Henrik ___'Peer Gynt'
Queen ___ IISpain
___ LafitteFrench pirate
___ DavisConfederate States President
___ JamesGang leader
___ Verne'Around the World in Eighty Days'
Francis Scott ___'Star-Spangled Banner'
Søren ___'Fear and Trembling'
Rudyard ___'The Jungle Book'
'___' CarsonFrontiersman
Nikolai Rimsky-___'Scheherazade'
Robert E. ___Confederate Cmdr
___ StraussBlue jeans
Doctor ___'... I presume?'
Robert ___ Stevenson'Treasure Island'
Louisa __ Alcott'Little Women'
Gregor ___Genetics
Felix ___'Italian Symphony'
Claude ___'Impression, soleil levant'
James A. ___Basketball
Alfred ___Dynamite
Daniel ___Ireland's 'The Liberator'
Elisha ___Elevators
Giacomo ___'La bohème'
George ___RR sleeping car
John ___ AdamsPresident/Son of President
Pierre-Auguste ___'Bal du moulin de la Galette'
___ Browning'Love Among the Ruins'
__________Guide for Lewis & Clark
Franz ___'Unfinished Symphony'
Percy Bysshe ___'To a Skylark'
William Tecumseh ___Civil War '_____'s March'
Jedediah ___Explored west to California
___ A. DouglasSenator; Lincoln opponent
'The ___ Kid'Train/bank robber
Nikola ___Radio; AC motor
Henry David ___'Walden, or Life in the Woods'
Mark ___'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'
Giuseppe ___'Aida'
Henry ___ Longfellow'Paul Revere's Ride'
Richard ___'Ride of the Valkyries'
___ Whitman'O Captain! My Captain!'
Daniel ___Statesman/Orator
Duke of ___Waterloo
James ___'____'s Mother'

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