Missing Word: Famous Denials

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Can you name the missing words for the denials spoken by these people or characters (A-Z)*?

Updated Apr 9, 2013

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DenialMissing WordSource
“I am not an _______!”John Merrick, to a train station mob (The Elephant Man)
“I'm a doctor, not a _____layer!”McCoy, faced with aiding a stone-like creature (Star Trek)
“Well, I am not a ___.”Richard Nixon, to the public
“These aren't the ______ you're looking for.”Obi-Wan Kenobi, to a stormtrooper (Star Wars)
“I am not an __________ ... and I don't ever want to be one. I am a Scotsman!”Sean Connery
“You are not a man. You are a big ___ joke.”Veronica, to Ron (Anchorman/Ron Burgundy)
“I do not like ______ eggs and ham...”Spoken to Sam-I-Am (Dr. Seuss book)
“I am not left-_______!”Inigo Montoya, to the Man in Black during a sword fight (The Princess Bride)
“I am not ashamed to confess that I am ________ of what I do not know.”Cicero
“I'm not saying that we're better or greater, or comparing us with _____ Christ…”John Lennon
“Toto, I've a feeling we're not in ______ anymore.”Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)
“I'm not a smart man… but I know what ____ is.”Forrest Gump, to Jenny (Forrest Gump)
“I'm not a _______; I'm just ahead of the curve.”The Joker (The Dark Knight)
“I'm not the ____ anyone, I'm the first Maria Sharapova.”Maria Sharapova
“I am not an ___!”Hermione, referring to Harry's pet (Harry Potter/GOF)
“I am not _____. I am beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.”Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
“I am not a ______. I will fight until I drop.”Cicely Tyson
“I am not part of the problem. I am a __________.”Dan Quayle
“I am not _____.”Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy's book title
“I am not arguing with you, I am ______ you!”James Whistler
“I am not _____ that you lied to me, I am _____ that from now on I cannot believe you.”Friedrich Nietzsche
“I am not a ________ because I love animals. I am a _________ because I hate plants.”A. Whitney Brown
“I did not have sexual relations with that _____.”Bill Clinton
“I am not _____ enough to know everything.”Oscar Wilde

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