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Can you name the remaining portion of these ways to, uh, “gain an advantage playing a Sporcle quiz” (A-Z)*?

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Play only your own quizzes, so you already know all of the ___A
Use the pause ___ as much as possible, while mulling things overB
Overstimulate yourself before 'blitz' quizzes, by drinking three cups of ___ before startingC
Have a ___ on hand for spelling quizzesD
___ the word 'Kyrgyzstan' in every box, assuming you are bound to get at least one correctE
Phone a ___F
Do a ___ search on-lineG
Drag the cursor across cells, to ___ text which had been intentionally 'hidden' by the quiz-makerH
Prepare weeks ahead for speed-typing quizzes with a regular ___ (by needle) of steroidsI
Have a former three-day champion from Alex Trebek's trivia game show '___' play the quiz for youJ
Even better, give 74-time-winner of that show, ___ Jennings, unlimited access to your accountK
___ out, play it anonymously, then sign in and replay itL
Program your ___ to be able to click on three answers at a timeM
First play the quiz using an account you created with a different user ___N
Play the quiz ___ and ___, then brag about how quickly you got them in the commentsO
Copy and ___ plausible answers into answer cells until you get luckyP
Study the ___ for a while (when they are already visible) before startingQ
Try answering correctly. If you fail, simply ___ the page to start over without registering a playR
Read any ' ___ Alerts', which give away the answers, in the comments firstS
Read the linked ___ (step-by-step 'how to' guide), before playing Logic quizzesT
Play it for 7 seconds or more, study the hints, click on 'Give ___?', and start overU
Open a 2nd browser window, leaving all answers ___, so that you can see them while playingV
Keep the ever-popular website '___' open in another browser window, and refer to it at willW
If you have super-powers, make answers magically visible using your ___ vision!X
Pretend you are unaware that the only person you are 'fooling', by doing any of the above, is ___, then act surprised by getting this answer correct.Y
Whack your computer with a mallet so the timer can't ever reach ___Z

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