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Can you name the 'linked' homophones that rhyme with the CAPITALIZED words?

Updated Apr 25, 2015

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VerseHomophones (in correct sequence)
“A hive and some honey...
it's plain to me:
That would __ a ___ you SEE.”
“It's wooly (and a mommy too): That’s a ____, and ____ won't hear 'MOO!'”
Her beau was late, the dinner could wait; so they ____ at ______
to complete the DATE.
The distasteful _____ was ________ as planned, because 'rock'-hating folk singers took a STAND.
She _________ her ______
would be well-dressed
(predicting he would wear a VEST).
And if he wore one on his chest,
then both of them would pass the test!
“This ______ looks ______!”
the chairman ROARED.
“This apathy won't be ignored;
a sleepy group I can't afford.”
So quickly he had coffee poured!
“Thems cattles' loose!” he'd gotten word; still listening, his horse he spurred.
He ______ the _____,
the dust got STIRRED;
the cowboy's roundup now occurred.
VerseHomophones (in correct sequence)
How snooty are those ______ with _____! The 'next-in-line,' he never CARES. Bequeathed to him are new-found wares; so greedily he claims his shares.
The _____ has ________, it happens FAST. It has to die; the die is cast.
For it, a flag flies at half-mast;
for time can never ever last!
The studio built _____ of _____, then staged its plots in different SPOTS.
(2 wds spelled the same)
It's true, I _____ the ____ was ____!
I fed it peanuts at the ZOO. But antelopes prefer we strew, some grass around their hooves to chew. (3 wds)
Achilles heard the doctor's spiel: _____ ably _____ his _____ with ZEAL. (3 wds)
The pirate's sight had now gone by; his patch, he thought, had gone awry. He asked if it was on his ___; so __ said “___,” and he did SIGH. (3 wds)
You have the _____to_____what's_____; to cite a slight that caught your SIGHT. An error is this author's blight. When commenting: Please, keep it light.
(3 wds; 2 spelled same)

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