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Can you name the missing words from these overused 'generic' TV and movie clichés?

Updated Sep 24, 2012

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Overused ClichéWords (A-Z)Hint - if ya really need one, of course!
'You'll never get ____ with this…!' (A)After the other guy reveals his diabolical plans
'Over my dead ____!'  (B)Often followed by 'Have it your OWN way!'
'According...to...my... __________....' (C)Scientist, still struggling to solve the crisis mathematically
'Let's __ this thing!'  (D)Assertively leading one's crew, or team, into action
'This ___ NOW!'  (E)Desiring to conclude the conflict immediately, at any cost
'You'll _____ about it in the morning…'  (F)Spoken, knowing that you'll be haunted by it
'You just don't ___ it, do you?!'  (G)In response to naiveté, or an underappreciation of the situation
'Hey… I 'm standing right ____!'  (H)Others talk about you, as if you weren't
'Now, don't get any bright ____!'' (I)Just before the dangerous roof-top jump, which the protégé is gonna try anyway
'Ha!... The ____ is on you!'  (J)Adversary, thinking they turned the tables
'I could TELL you… but then I'd have to ____ you!' (K)In response to a demand for 'classified' information
'You haven't seen the ____ of me!'  (L)Words spoken, (over one's shoulder), as one is 'run out of town'
'I don't get ___, I get EVEN!'  (M)Spoken emotionally anyway, when it's time for revenge
'I ____ thought it would come to this….'  (N)All indications were that it would turn out EXACTLY like that
'I'm getting too ___ for this!'  (O)Certain tasks have become more difficult for the mentor
'Meet your new _______!'  (P)The Chief, introducing the veteran to his new, polar-opposite, crime-fighting ally
'Why is it so _____ all of a sudden?' (Q)A condition that never lasts long in a suspenseful scene
'I promise, you won't ______ this!'  (R)But, they know you'll lament your decision
'I'm just getting _______!'  (S)Now I'll say what's really on my mind
'Now, THAT's what I'm ______about!'  (T)Condoning what was just said or done; with delight
'He's of no ___ to us now….'  (U)The torturers just got the info they needed out of him
'Get out of the _______…'  (V)Spoken while the officer, (or the hijacker), is already pulling the driver out
'It can't get any ______, can it…?' (W)Just before an already-bad situation does
'I'll look at the _____ first, to be sure...' (X)The doctor, avoiding having to reveal the obvious diagnosis
'What are ___ looking at?'  (Y)Spoken indignantly, to shift focus to a third person
'____ in, and take a closer look!'  (Z)Reviewing video footage; when magnification is obviously needed

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