Famous From the 14th & 15th Centuries

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Can you name the notable people of the 14th & 15th centuries, by completing their names?

Updated Aug 9, 2014

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PersonMissing (alphabetical)Hint
Joan of ___aka 'The Maid of Orléans'
Giovanni ___'The Decameron'; 'Delle Donne Illustri'
Pope ___ VIIIAdversary of Philip IV re papal authority
Sandro ___Painter of 'The Birth of Venus'
Robert the ___Freedom fighter and King of Scots
John ___Italian explorer; claimed Newfoundland for England
Saint ___ of SienaPatron saint of Italy
___ VII the VictoriousKing of France, aka 'the Well-Served'
___ de PizanEarly female French author 'Livre de la Cité des Dames'
Pope ___ VMoved papal residence to Avignon, France; suppressed Knights Templar
Christopher ___Genoan explorer best known for his 1492 voyage
___ XI PalaeologusLast Byzantine Emperor
___ Alighieri'La Divina Commedia'
Bartolomeu ___Portuguese explorer who rounded Cape of Good Hope
___ di Niccolò di Betto BardiFlorentine sculptor 'David', 'St. George'
___ III of EnglandClaim to French throne preceded the Hundred Years War
Zhu Di, The Yongle ___Ruled during Ming Dynasty; building of The Forbidden City
Jan & Hubert van ___Ghent Altarpiece - 'Adoration of the Mystic Lamb'
___ II of AragonUnification of kingdoms through marriage
___ Chaucer'The Canterbury Tales'
Pope ___ XIIResigned at the end of the 'Great Western Schism'
___ VII of EnglandBattle of Bosworth Field; House of Tudor
___ BattutaMoroccan intercontinental explorer
PersonMissing (alphabetical)Hint
___ I, the CatholicQueen of Castile and León; sponsor of exploration
___ III, the GreatGrand Prince of Moscow; 'gatherer of Russian lands'
___ HusBohemian philosopher, priest, and martyr
___ FouquetFrench painter known for portrait miniatures
___ GutenbergMechanical movable-type printing
___ the Magnificent3rd generation familial dynasty; Florentine leader and patron of Michelangelo
___ I of DenmarkKalmar Union queen/regent
Famiglia de' ___Florentine familial political dynasty, bankers, and royal house
Fatih Sultan ___Ottoman conqueror of Constantinople
___ IRuler of Tenochtitlán and the Aztec empire
Prince Henry the ___Portuguese sponsor of Atlantic Ocean and African exploration
___ of Cusa (Kues)German philosopher, scientist and Cardinal; 'De Docta Ignorantia'
William of ___Theologian/philosopher; eponym for “___'s Razor”
___ VI of FranceHis move to confiscate Aquitaine helped beget the Hundred Years War
King ___ III of EnglandDisappearance of Princes in the Tower; Wars of the Roses
Pope ___ IVBuilding of Sistine Chapel, Pazzi conspiracy
___ the LameTurko-Mongul conqueror of much of Asia
Tomás de ___First Spanish Grand Inquisitor
___ the ImpalerPrince of Wallachia; House of Drăculești
___ CaxtonTranslated first book printed in English: 'The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye'
John ___Translator of Bible from Latin Vulgate
Admiral ___ HeMing Dynasty legendary maritime explorer

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