'D'oh!' - If Homer got Conked on the Head While Saying:

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Can you name the words that Homer Simpson might STILL pronounce correctly if he simultaneously got conked on the head?

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Homer got conked while saying:Type the Full Word
'Mmmmm D'oh!_ _ _ _!'
'If that's Flanders at the D'oh!_ _, let him keep knocking....'
'Sure, Barney, I think you'd make a terrific blood D'oh!_ _ _.'
'Bart, why you little...! D'oh!_ _ tease your sister!'
'Otto, isn't it bad to smoke D'oh!_ _ in front of the kids?'
'Mmmmm, cough syrup.... Dr. Hibbert, can't I take a bigger D'oh!_ _?'
'Looks like Grandpa D'oh!_ _ _ off again in the middle of a sentence.'
'Close that cash register drawer, Moe! I won't let Snake steal your hard-earned D'oh!_ _ _!'
'Lisa, that's a funny D'oh!_ _ _ _ name for a website on your computer.'
'Gee Mr. Burns! Who wants to watch the Isotopes play baseball in the rain?
Couldn't you build them a stadium with a D'oh!_ _?'
'Don't feel bad that Gil Gunderson doesn't have a job now.
He's never on the D'oh!_ _ for too long....'
'Those birds disappeared a long time ago, Chief!
Why would Bart call little Ralph a (Homer trips while getting conked) D'oh!D'oh!?'
'Yes, Lisa and Marge... A female deer is a D'oh!_!'
'Wow, praise from PláciD'oh! D'oh!_ _ _ _ _, the Opera Singer!'

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