Missing Word: Horror's Cushing & Lee w/crypt-ic clues

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Can you name the missing word to these films in which both Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing appear?

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Usually Horrorble FilmSevered WordFirst bloody letter/Crypt-ic clue
Horror of _____D:   blood sucker
The _____M:   it's a wrap
The Hound of the _____B:   it's elementary
Dr. Terror's _____ of HorrorsH:   where horrors reside
The _____S:   without crossbones
_____ of the Burning DamnedI:   it ain't deserted
Moulin _____R:   ruddy nightclub
Scream and Scream _____A:   and scream once more
*One More ___T:   and once again
The House that Dripped _____B:   or perhaps ketchup
The _____G:   snakey hairdo
The ___ Rites of DraculaS:   the devil may care
The Creeping _____F:   a pound of it, perhaps
Horror _____E:   oriental train
Nothing But the _____N:   time of the living dead
The House of Long _____S:   where things seem to lurk
The _____ of FrankensteinC:   unfortunate spell-ing
I, _____M:   (unlike Frankenstein)

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