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Can you name the differently-spelled missing names, which sound alike; for each themed pair of celebrities/characters?

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1st Person or CharacterThe Names, in Correct Sequence2nd Person or Character
_______ Spielberg - directed extraterrestrials_____ Hawking - theorized on extraterrestrials
_____ Loren - Academy Award-winning Italian actress_____ Coppola - Academy Award-winning Screenwriter of Italian ancestry
Jim _____ - Canadian stand-up comedian/actorDrew _____ - American stand-up comedian/actor
_____ Lee Crosby - TV cohost of 'That's Incredible' (with a former NY Giants quarterback)_____ Lee Gifford - TV cohost of 'Today' (married to a former NY Giants halfback)
___ Schilling - Threw for Arizona Diamondbacks in MLB___ Warner - Threw for Arizona Cardinals in NFL
___ Isaak - California-born singer-songwriter/actor___ Kristofferson - Texas-born singer-songwriter/actor
_____ Knight - Singer with New Kids on the Block; judge on 'American Juniors' talent show_____ Sparks - Singer; and 'American Idol' talent show winner
_____, Batman's sidekick, and member of the 'Teen Titans'_____ Lively - starred as girl with magical powers in the movie 'Teen Witch'
_____ White - 2010 Olympic snowboard gold-medalist_____ Johnson - 2008 Olympic gymnast; gold-medalist
Lennox _____ - British/Canadian heavyweight boxing champJoe _____ - American heavyweight boxing champ
_____ Russell - 50's Brunette 'Bombshell' Actress_____ Mansfield - 50's Blonde 'Bombshell' Actress
_____ Burnett - Emmy winning actress in the 70's, for variety/comedy show_____ O'Connor - Emmy winning actor in the 70's, for comedy
_____ Halliwell - Spice Girl who subsequently pursued a 'solo' career_____ Ryan - Actress, whose Star Trek: Voyager character was part of the Borg Collective, but became an 'individual'
_____ Hershiser - pitched baseballs_____ Roberts - 'pitched' religion
John _____ - 17th Century English founder of JamestownJohn _____ - 17th Century English founder of Baptist Church
_____ Scott Key - 19th Century American writer of lyrics to 'The Star-Spangled Banner'_____ Hodgson Burnett - 19th Century English author of 'Little Lord Fauntleroy'

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