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Can you name the most-frequently mentioned movies people 'MUST' stop and watch when channel surfing? (See instructions)

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Based on Dozens of on-line polls which asked: “What movie will you always STOP channel surfing for, and proceed to WATCH ON TV UNTIL THE END.” Answers with most mentions are darker-colored.
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Genre - ActorEnter film's FIRST word
(#) SciFi - K Dullea
*Act-Adv - E Flynn
Comedy - R Hays
SciFi-Horror - S Weaver
SciFi-Horr - L Henriksen
Comedy - W Ferrell
Docudrama - T Hanks
SciFi-franchise- M Fox
SciFi-Crime - C Bale
Epic - C Heston
*Comedy - J Bridges
SciFi - H Ford
Com-West - G Wilder
*Com-Mus - J Belushi
*Spy-franchise- Damon
Epic - M Gibson
*Dramedy - E Estevez
*War - A Guinness
Sports-Com - C Chase
Drama - H Bogart
Crime - R De Niro
*Holiday - Billingsley
Drama - O Welles
Comedy - K Smith
SciFi - R Dreyfuss
Comedy - E Murphy
Epic-West - K Costner
*SciFi-Crime - H Ledger
Action - B Willis
Romance - P Swayze
*War - L Marvin
Crime-Act - Eastwood
Comedy - P Sellers
Comedy - J Carrey
SciFi-Fam - H Thomas
*SciFi - M Hamill
Crime - F McDormand
Comedy - S Penn
Comedy - M Broderick
*Drama - J Nicholson
Sport-Fant - K Costner
Genre - ActorEnter film's FIRST word
*SciFi - B Willis
Drama - B Pitt
Action - S Stallone
Epic-Rom - T Hanks
Dramedy - K Bates
*Thriller - H Ford
War - M Modine
SciFi-Com - A Rickman
Comedy - B Murray
Epic - R Crowe
*Drama - M Brando
*Drama - A Pacino
Epic - C Gable
*Western - Eastwood
Crime - J Pesci
Musical - J Travolta
*War - S McQueen
*Drama - T Hanks
Comedy - B Murray
Mus-Com - J Lennon
Fant-franchise- Radcliffe
*Thriller - S Connery
Action-SciFi - W Smith
Adv-franchise- H Ford
Holiday-Fant - J Stewart
Spy-franchise- Connery
Suspense - R Scheider
Action - U Thurman
Epic - P O'Toole
Com - R Witherspoon
*SciFi - K Reeves
Comedy-Adv - J Cleese
Comedy - J Belushi **A
Hol-Com - C Chase **C
Comedy - C Chase **V
Adventure - N Cage
*Dram-Spor - R Redford
Thriller - C Grant
Comedy - G Clooney
Comedy - J Aniston
Genre - ActorEnter film's FIRST word
*Western - Eastwood
Adventure - J Depp
SciFi - C Heston
Rom-Com - J Roberts
*Adv-Comedy - C Elwes
Crime - S Jackson
Adventure - H Ford
Adventure - M Hamill
Action - P Swayze
Sport-Dram - S Stallone
Sport-Dram - S Stallone
War - T Hanks
Crime - A Pacino
Comedy - S Pegg
*Drama - M Freeman
*Horror - J Nicholson
Musical - G Kelly
Comedy - M Ringwald
*Mus-Fam - J Andrews
Comedy-SciFi - Candy
Adv-Dram - W Wheaton
SciFi - W Shatner
SciFi - M Hamill
Dramedy - J Roberts
*Com-Crim - P Newman
Comedy - B Murray
*SciFi - Schwarzenegger
SciFi - Schwarzeneg
Mocku - C Guest
Epic-Rom - L DiCaprio
Drama - G Peck
Western - V Kilmer
Action - T Cruise
Animated - T Hanks
Western - Eastwood
*Crime - K Spacey
Comedy - O Wilson
Fantasy-Mus - G Wilder
*Fant-Mus - J Garland
Comedy - G Wilder

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