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Can you name the missing words to complete the phrase or title: “The Big ____”?

Updated Aug 14, 2012

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New York City: “The Big _____”A
Postulation regarding the early development of the universe, or a CBS sitcom about geeky physicists: “The Big _____ Theory”B
1983 film about college friends reuniting after 15 years due to a friend's suicide: “The Big ______”C
Constellation Ursa Major: “The Big ______”D
New Orleans: “The Big ____”E
MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL -- these U.S. sports leagues are often called: “The Big ____”F
These are the people you 'call in' when you need to consult the real experts, or avail of some serious muscle (or artillery): “The Big _____”G
Prison, in American slang: “The Big ______”H
Largest, and southeastern-most of Hawaii's water-surrounded land masses: “The Big ______”I
What gamblers and lottery-ticket holders hope to hit, or win: “The Big _______”J
Title of a 1999 Kevin Spacey film, in which three trade show attendees attempt to land the account of a rich businessman, referred to as: “The Big _______”K
Title of a 1998 Jeff Bridges film, in which he and his bowling buddies are mixed up with a rich businessman, referred to as: “The Big _________”L
A cornerstone of the McDonald's fast food menu; it has ♫ two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese… ♫: “The Big ____”M
This giant nine-metre (30 ft) replica of a 1951 Canadian 5-cent coin dominates a small hill in Sudbury, Ontario: “The Big ______”N
This phrase has been used in conjunction with an anticipated mega-earthquake, a dreaded massive heart attack, or World War II: “The Big ____”O
People who fail to see the greater implications, or only focus on a specific aspect of a situation, fail to see: “The Big ________”P
U.K. entertainment programme in which TV Show cast members answer questions: “The Big ____”Q
This nickname was given to the powerhouse MLB team from Cincinnati of the 1970's (although it might also conjure an image of USSR as a world power): “The Big ____ Machine”R
The second Bogart/Bacall film pairing, in 1946, is a euphemism for 'death': “The Big _____”S
Often, this gets wiggled during a recitation of 'This Little Piggy' to a toddler: “The Big ____”T
Nickname for the very-tall Randy Johnson, one of the all-time great MLB pitchers; it could also refer to a large army detachment: “The Big ____”U
This 60's TV Western starred Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors, and Linda Evans: “The Big ______”V
The amusement ride named after G.W.G. Ferris, as known in the U.K.; or an important influential person: “The Big _____”W
In this 2011 film, Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson engage in a four season bird-watching contest: “The Big ____”Y
This outdoor 'ride' in Kentucky allows enthusiasts to overcome their fear of heights, by sliding across cables suspended between 2300 feet of treetops: “The Big ______”Z

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